Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

  • Galvanised (non-rusting) steel frame, uprights and components finished in white or colour of your choice.
  • All types of polycarbonate roof sheeting and PVC coated steel cladding.
  • Conforming to BS 4203 – fire resistance standards: self extinguishing when tested in accordance to BS 2782 Part 5/508A.



  • Payment terms as per quoatation
  • Average construction time 2 days.
  • Free survey, without obligation.
  • Withstand wind speeds of 80 mph and 15lbs/sq.ft of snow pressure.
  • Installation by our staff (Safe Pass Accreditation).
  • Absolutely no mess.

Domestic Uses:

  • As a car-port for one or more cars.
  • As a cover for that rain-swept back door.
  • Extra storage at the side or back of the house, for bikes, wellies, garden tools, drying clothes etc.
  • As a patio cover.
  • Covered walkway to garage or outhouse.

Passageways Commercial:

  • Covered walkways.
  • Loading bay canopies.
  • Smoking shelters.
  • Bicycle shelters.
  • Outside storage areas.
  • Trolley bays.
  • Covered play areas for schools / creches.
  • Bus shelters.
  • Suitable for linking between portable cabins.

Brief Specifications

The Moderector unit comprises of a galvanised ( non-rusting ) steel frame, uprights and components. Included is transparent polycarbonate roof sheeting which ensures maximum light penetration to existing buildings and windows. The unit is normally finished in white, but can be supplied in colour of your choice. The roof itself is secured to the galvanised steel frame using roof hooks or Hexagon Head Drill Screws, which ensure that the sheeting will not shift or make noise during heavy winds.

The sides of the unit can be sheeted also, to give a sheltered, enclosed sunny area, that can be used as a sun-room, storage area, barbeque area, shed etc.